Kayomi Harai


Kayomi's artwork has been licensed on many products ranging from T-shirts, greeting cards, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

All images are available for commercial licensing. Please contact Kayomi (kayomi@kayomiharai.com).






        Artist's Statement

When Kayomi paints an animal, the eyes always come first. She thinks that the most attractive feature of all animals is their expressive eyes. They show what the animal is thinking and feeling, and they also determine the mood of the painting.



No part of Kayomi's work may be reproduced or used in any form by any means. Click here for more details.


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Cat prints, kitten prints, cat/kitten art prints/posters and orginal cat artwork available.

All images are Copyright Kayomi (©1996 - 2008) and may not be copied for personal or commercial use.